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關於clincolour l About clincolour

clincolour在2021年7月中成立,clincolour = clinic + colour,為你「診斷」最合適的顏色,並「製作」你的專屬藝術作品,Colouring Your Life!

我們以顏色聯乘藝術為主題,除了提供專業色彩分析服務,並讓你透過藝術創作,更了解自己的喜好。運用色彩碰撞,讓生活變得更加多姿多彩!合適的顏色讓你外在散發出光芒丶呈現出更年輕及具魅力的一面; 助你內在建立自信,改善情緒;更可透過製作你的專屬藝術作品,讓情緒流動,療癒心靈


clincolour was established in mid-July 2021, clincolour = clinic + colour, to "diagnose" the most suitable colour palette for you, and "make" your exclusive works of art, Colouring Your life!
With the theme of colour featuring with art, we not only provide professional colour analysis services, but also allow you to better understand your preferences through artistic creation. Use the collision of colour to make life more colourful! The best colour allows you to show a younger and more attractive side; helps you build self-confidence; you can also make your own works of art to let emotions flow and heal your soul.
It's better to visit clincolour and spend about an hour. Through clincolour's professional color analysis and art workshops, you can learn to use colour to build self-confidence, enrich yourself, and make life more colourful from your belongings, including clothes and accessories, to home furnishings!

👩🏻‍🎨 導師介紹 l About Tutor



I have been working at advertising industry for several years, with a strong passion and sensitivity to colour, and have relevant experience. By chance, I was exposed to colour analysis and pour painting. In the process, I deeply realized that a picture without colour is tantamount to having no soul. Therefore, clincolour was established with the theme of colour featuring with art. It aims to help customer to find their own colour and release negative emotions and stress through art creation, therefore, they can affirm themselves!


我們的工作室場地色彩鮮艷,配合色彩分析以顏色為主題,適合專業拍攝、閨蜜打卡、及團體聚會 Our studio venue is very colourful, with colour analysis and colour as the theme, suitable for professional shooting, friends and group gatherings

clincolour 提供以下服務

.專業色彩分析服務 (包括時裝打扮、家居或辦公室擺設)

clincolour provides the following services -
.Professional Colour Analysis Services (including fashion styling, home or office furnishings)
.Artistic creation workshop (with colour analysis as the theme, such as pour painting, candles, alcohol ink art etc.)
.Personalized Customisation Gift Service
.Venue Rental Service
.Personal Colour And Art-related Products

關於專業色彩分析服務 l About Professional Colour Analysis Service


個人顏色及藝術相關產品售賣 l Personal Colour And Art-related Products


We also sell art-related products combined with personal colouring, such as pour painting ornaments and metal trays, alcohol ink art, aroma stone, etc., and we also have personalized customization gift services. Don't hesitate to contact us!

場地租用 l Venue Rental



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