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凡購買滿HK$230或以上,可享全單免運費 l For any purchases of HKD 230 or above, enjoy free shipping on all order!

品牌合作 l Event / Collaboration

clincolour 歡迎與任何企業/品牌合作,更提供男士及女士個人色彩分析服務或到公司/學校/社會機構舉辦色彩分析聯乘藝術相關團體活動。如有任何需要,歡迎查詢電郵

We welcome any inquiries about business event & collaboration or group workshops not limited to personal colour analysis service (female & male) and art workshop. If you have any questions, please free feel to email us


Business Collaboration

企業合作 l Business Collaboration

提供個人色彩分析服務、團體活動、Team Building等


Provide personal colour analysis service, group activities & team building.

In general, the theme of group activities is about colour analysis. The first part of the activities to find our main dominant. And make your own artwork!



School Group Activities


學校團體活動 l School Group Activities

讓學生透過藝術創作,更了解自己的喜好。運用色彩碰撞,讓生活變得更加多姿多彩; 內在建立自信,改善情緒;更可透過製作你的專屬藝術作品,讓情緒流動,療癒心靈、重拾自我

Students to understand their own preferences well through artistic creation. Using color collision to make life more colourful; Build self-confidence and improve emotional feelings. Furthermore, create your own artwork to let emotions flow, heal your soul and rediscover yourself



NGO Activities

社會機構團體活動 l NGO Activities

提供節日團體活動、Team Building等


Provide festival group activities, Team Building.

Group activities will tailor content according to the age of the participants, and the most important thing is to create their own artwork!

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Charity Work

慈善活動 l Charity Work

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