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退款貨品政策 l Refund And Return Policy



  • 我們只接受產品有缺陷、損壞或交付不正確的退貨或換貨。
  • 請注意,如閣下收到貨品不滿意並要求退款,因貨品的風格顏色尺碼並不符合閣下的標準,或因快遞/第三方做成損壞,我們深感歉意,本公司恕不接受以上的原因為退換理由,敬請見諒。
  • 有缺陷的物品可以在您的訂單交付之日起 7 天內退貨或換貨,並須提供購買證明。物品必須是全新的,並使用原包裝。
  • 商品如缺少任何配件將有機會無法為客戶辦理退換貨服務
  • 關於色差:我們致力於改善色差問題,客戶主要可參考商品的單品照顏色(商品的白底圖)但由於每部電腦的顯示器有所不同,加上每個人對顏色、深淺度的定義有所差異,以及拍攝時燈光照射等原因,實物顏色與照片仍有少許差異實屬正常情況
  • 我們無法支付退貨和換貨的運費。
  • 關於退換貨請求請發送電子郵件至,並附上您的訂單號#聯繫信息產品的照片以及您的疑問。這可能有助我們更好地了解並解決問題!
  • 退款將由 clincolour 自行決定發放,並將退回到您的原始付款方式。收到商品後,我們將在 7-10 個工作日內開始處理退款,並會通知您進一步的更新。
  • 我們無法為寄往香港以外的客戶提供退換貨服務(商品有瑕疵或收到錯誤商品除外)
  • clincolour 保留拒絕任何不符合我們退貨或換貨政策的請求的權利,並將擁有最終決定權。

Refund And Return Policy:

  • We only accept returns or exchanges where the product is defective, damaged, or delivered incorrectly.
  • Please note that if you are not satisfied with the goods received and request a refund base on style, color and size of the goods do not meet your standards, or due to damage caused by courier/third party, we apologize. However, we are not accept the above reasons as the reason for the return.
  • Defective items can be returned or exchanged within 7 days from the date of delivery of your order, and proof of purchase must be provided. The item must be new and use the original packaging.
  • If the product lacks any accessories, there will be a chance that it will not be able to handle the return and exchange service for the customer.
  • Regarding chromatic aberration: We are committed to improving the problem of chromatic aberration. Customers can mainly refer to the colour of the product's single product photo (the white background of the product). However, due to the different monitors of each computer, and the different definitions of color and depth by each person, as well as the lighting during shooting, it is normal that there is still a slight difference between the physical color and the photo.
  • We cannot pay for shipping cost for returns and exchanges.
  • Regarding return and exchange requests: please send an email to , and attach your order number#, contact information and product photos, as well as your questions. This may help us better understand and solve the problem!
  • The refund will be issued at clincolour's sole discretion and will be returned to your original payment method. After receiving the goods, we will start processing the refund within 7-10 working days and will notify you of further updates.
  • We cannot provide return and exchange services for customers sent outside of Hong Kong (except for defective goods or incorrect goods received)
  • clincolour reserves the right to refuse any request that does not comply with our return or exchange policy and will have the final decision.


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