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色彩分析及浮游花工作坊 l Colour Analysis And Herbarium Workshop

Zoom 色彩分析及浮游花工作坊 l Colour Analysis And Herbarium Workshop

- 工作坊時間:2小時

- 工作坊內容:
(3)製作專屬自己色調的浮游花 (有多款浮游花玻璃瓶及花材選擇)
- 提升個人形象及色彩配搭技巧,有助提升魅力及自信


Workshop Introduction
- Workshop Duration:2 hours
- Scope of Workshop:
(1)Understand the background and application of colour analysis
(2)Find your own colour type
(3)Make your own herbarium (provided various shape of glass and flower materials) by apply with your own colour type

- Enhance personal image and colour mix & matching skills to help improve attractiveness and self-confidence

*The number of people in the workshop must be 2 in minimum, and a maximum of 6 people in 1 class during the epidemic
*When processing the payment, please provide your contact number so that we can contact you for making reservation for the workshop

尺寸 直徑 9.1cm 高10.2cm 容量 50ml

尺寸 10cm 厚2cm


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