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Personal Colour Analysis Service

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關於色彩分析 l About Colour Analysis

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個人色彩分析服務及藝術創作工作坊 l Personal Colour Analysis With Artistic Creation Workshop

個人色彩分析服務 (Personal Colour Analysis)
.透過各身體部位分析個人主色調 ,尋找整體特質,並套用於個人形象,提升自信、改善印象
Analysis your colour type through body part to find the overall characteristics, and apply it to personal image to enhance self-confidence and improve impression

藝術創作工作坊 (Artistic Creation Workshop) -
With the theme of colour analysis, through art creation workshops such as pour painting, alcohol ink art, candles, aroma stone, etc., use colour collision to create your own works of art, and elevate your emotion and heal your soul.


企業合作 Event / Collaboration


客戶 Our Client

客戶 Our Client

客戶 Our Client


客戶 Our Client

個人色彩及藝術相關產品售賣 l Personal Colour And Art-related Products


We also sell art-related products combined with personal colouring, such as pour painting ornaments and metal trays, alcohol ink art, aroma stone, etc., and we also have personalized customization gift services. Don't hesitate to contact us!


Overall, scope of the workshop in terms of the content and duration are excellent. Furthermore, after Chloe explained and go through with colour analysis in detail, I have a good understanding of the concept of colour analysis. Last but not least, I have learned the importance of color analysis and found my best colour and colour type!

Winnie 小學老師 Primary School Teacher


I didn't know about color analysis at first, but after the workshop, I found that applying my own suitable colors into art is very unique and interesting. It heals the mind even more!

Christy Video Editor


The clincolour studio is very colourful and beautiful. I feel so happy and comfortable when I first arrive. I also took a lot of photo in there!


琴日學人扮文青(大超齡)學習親自製作流體畫迷你豬仔錢罌, 順便仲可以學習顏色分析, 學到好多嘢,流體畫真係好好玩, 原來仲有其他產品, 下次想玩花盆,多謝Chloe導師指導

Yesterday, i attent a pour painting mini piggy bank workshop. And learnt about colour analysis. The workshop is very fruitful and I have learnt a lot of things such as colour type. And pour painting is really fun. Apart from piggy bank, clincolour provided others workshop! . I would like to attend flowerpots workshop next time. Thank you for Chloe guidance

Andy 武術指導 Fight Choreographer

First time trying out pour painting, thank you for the fun afternoon - clincolour♥️🙌🏻 It was more than just a pour painting class, we also learned about colour analysis and looked at some colours that suit our skin tones ♥️ Chloe offers a wide range of colour related workshops so check out clincolour for some fun and relaxing classes😝


I really enjoy your advice on what colour pallet suits me. I've been wanting to get some new tailored pants for the summer but not just sure what colour would be suitable.

Charis Lawyer


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