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關於色彩分析 l About Colour Analysis

FAQ l 關於色彩分析常見問題 l FAQ About Colour Analysis

什麼是色彩分析?l What is colour analysis?

個人色彩起源自1928年,及後從美國傳到日本,它是一個以色彩學為根基的理論體系,透過我們身體的3個部位(頭髮、瞳孔、皮膚)找到屬於自己的主色調 ,它是代表我們整體的特質。找到適合自己的顏色令膚色更加提亮丶散發出光芒,從而提升自信心、氣場等。⁣


Personal colour found in 1928 and later spread from the United States to Japan. It is a theoretical system based on colour science. Person colour is to find our colour type through three aspects (hair, skin tone, eyes) of our body. It represents our overall characteristics. Finding a suitable colour that makes your skin brighter looks younger, therefore enhancing self-confidence, improve attractiveness, etc. ⁣

Because hair colour is the most significant aspects to affect colour analysis result, if tinted a completely different colour of hair, colour which suitable ourselves will be totally different! Through the colour analysis process, colour consultant will suggest several best of tinted colour for reference.

色彩分析跟心理測驗或風水有關係嗎?l Is colour analysis related to psychological tests or Feng Shui


The entire colour analysis process will be analyzed according to the three parts of our body, so it is unrelated

什麼是主色調?l What is dominant?

主色調代表着整個人的特質,在色彩分析學, 身體部位最能夠代表主色調。一般根據3種色彩「屬性」來判斷,所以總共分做6種主色調 (淺色調、深色調、暖色調、冷色調、明亮色調及柔和色調)

•明度 - 色彩的明暗程度 ; 把數值(0-10值) 稱為色彩的深淺度量
•色相 - 色相可分做藍色或黃色的色調; 冷色系 - 藍色底色 ; 暖色系 - 黃色底色
•彩度 - 表示色彩的純度或亮度; 色彩飽和度越低,純度越低(柔和色調) ; 色彩飽和度越高,鮮艷度越高 (明亮色調)

Dominant represents the characteristics of the whole person. In color analysis, the body parts can best represent the dominant. Generally speaking, The Munsell System identified as having three characteristics - Hue , Value and Chroma. Therefore, separated into six types (Light, Deep, Warm, Cool, Clear and Soft)

Value - Depth : the value of colour refers to its depth, giving a measure of its lightness or darkness. Munsell used a scale of 0 to 10 with black being 0 and white being 10

Hue - Undertone : defines a colour's undertone. which may be warm (yellow-based) or cool (blue-based)

Chroma - Charity : chroma indicates the purity or clarity of a colour. Some colours are bright and vibrant and reflect the light, while others are dusty or muted and seem to absorb the light

我們用那一套系統做色彩分析? l Which system do we use for colour analysis?

個人色彩起源自1928年,及後從美國傳到日本,它是一個以色彩學為根基的理論體系,透過我們身體的3個部位(頭髮、瞳孔、皮膚)找到屬於自己的主色調 ,clincolour 參照孟塞爾顏色系統(Munsell Color System),也是透過我們身體的3個部位(頭髮、瞳孔、皮膚) 幫助客人尋求主色調及輔助色彩!

美國阿爾伯特·孟塞爾(Albert H. Munsell,1858-1918)在1898年創製的孟塞爾顏色系統(Munsell Color System)是色度(或比色法)裡透過明度(value)色相(hue - undertone)彩度(chroma)三個維度來描述顏色的方法。至今仍是比較色法的標準。

Hue – Undertone (色相) > 定義顏色的底色,暖色 (Warm) 冷色 (Cool)

Value – Depth (明度)> 定義色彩的明暗程度 ;把數值(0-10值) 稱為色彩的深淺度量,淺色(Light) 深色 (Deep)

Chroma – Clarity (彩度)定義色彩的純度或亮度; 色彩飽和度越低純度越低> 柔和 (Soft);
色彩飽和度越高鮮艷度越高 > 明亮(Clear)

所以會詳細分做6種主色調 (淺色調 VS 深色調; 暖色調 VS 冷色調 ; 明亮色調 VS 柔和色調)

Personal colour originated in 1928 and then spread from the United States to Japan/Korea, it is a theoretical system based on colour science, Munsell’s Colour System,
System look for it in the 3 parts of our body (hair, eye, skin). Furthermore, theory behind is a person’s colouring have one dominant characteristic and one or two secondary characteristics

Hue – Undertone Hue defines a colour’s undertone,Warm or Cool tone

Value – Depth Value
refers to its depth ;giving a measure
of its lightness or darkness with the scale of 0 to 10 Light or Deep tone

Chroma – Clarity Chroma
defines the purity or clarity ; Some colours are bright and vibrant while some colours are muted and dusty,Clear or Soft tone

Summarize the above three Munsell characteristics, separated into 6 Dominants (Light, Deep, Warm, Cool, Clear, Soft)

色彩分析有什麼的作用或好處?l What are the purposes or advantages of colour analysis?




Colour is the basis for judging the first impression or personality, social status therefore colour selection is very important. Through colour analysis, finding the best of colour not only presents a distinctive personality, but also improve your attractiveness. At the same time, for different occasions (dating, work, special occasions, etc.), apply with the mix and match of your own colour to show a variety of temperament, thereby increase personal charming and self-confidence! On the contrary, if you are wearing not suitable colour, your skin will appear darker, yellow, aging and breathlessness!

Also, knowing your best colour, save money, reduce buying mistake


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