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關於色彩分析 l About Colour Analysis

FAQ l 關於色彩分析常見問題 l FAQ About Colour Analysis

什麼是色彩分析?l What is Colour Analysis?

色彩分析是透過我們身體的3個部位(頭髮、皮膚、瞳孔)找到屬於自己的主色調 ,它是代表我們整體的特質。找到適合自己的顏色令膚色更加提亮丶散發出光芒,從而提升自信心、氣場等。⁣

Colour analysis is to find our colour type through three aspects (hair, skin tone, eyes) of our body. It represents our overall characteristics. Finding a suitable colour that makes your skin brighter looks younger, therefore enhancing self-confidence, improve attractiveness, etc. ⁣

色彩分析跟心理測驗或風水有關係嗎?l Is colour analysis related to psychological tests or Feng Shui


The entire colour analysis process will be analyzed according to the three parts of our body, so it is unrelated

什麼是主色調?l What is dominant?

主色調代表着整個人的特質,在色彩分析學, 身體部位最能夠代表主色調。普遍亞洲人的主色調將分做4種,分別有深色調、暖色調、冷色調及柔和色調。找對主色調就能套用在個人形象及家居、辦公室擺設提升自信心、氣場等。

Dominant represents the characteristics of the whole person. In color analysis, the body parts can best represent the dominant. Generally speaking, the main colour of Asians usually divided into four types, namely dark, warm, cool tones and soft tones. Finding the right main colour can be applied to personal images and home or office furnishings to enhance self-confidence, improve attractiveness etc.

色彩分析有什麼的作用或好處?l What are the purposes or advantages of colour analysis?




Colour is the basis for judging the first impression or personality, social status therefore colour selection is very important. Through colour analysis, finding the best of colour not only presents a distinctive personality, but also improve your attractiveness. At the same time, for different occasions (dating, work, special occasions, etc.), apply with the mix and match of your own colour to show a variety of temperament, thereby increase personal charming and self-confidence! On the contrary, if you are wearing not suitable colour, your skin will appear darker, yellow, aging and breathlessness!

Also, knowing your best colour, save money, reduce buying mistake


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